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Proposition 8 Property Tax Reduction Program

Are your Property Taxes too High? How would you like extra money every year?

If you purchased your home between 2004-2006, we can help reduce your next tax bill now.

What would you do with additional tax savings each year? Take a vacation, pay for tuition, pay-off that car or boat?

How Does it Work?

How would you like to lower your property taxes? Imagine, saving thousands of dollars in taxes each year just by obtaining a comprehensive Real Estate Appraisal and submitting a special assessment review form.

Property values are declining, but the California Proposition 8 laws can help you save significantly on your next property tax bill. Our clients can typically save from hundreds to thousands on their next Santa Barbara County property tax bill.

We help do all the work, including pre-completion of the proper Santa Barbara County Assessment Review Form, selection of the best and most recent closed sales for the market data, and then providing a well documented Real Estate Appraisal and Appraisal Report on your property.

As a result of Proposition 8 and Section 51 of the California Revenue and Taxation Code, all County Assessor’s in California are required to review and consider requests for value reassessment with proper evidence, and then they must reduce taxes correspondingly.

Take advantage of the current market decline, but you must hurry, since all the assessor review forms must be submitted before the March 15th deadline to apply for the following tax year. Let us help you start saving on your property taxes right away!

Even if you received a reduction letter from the Assessor, but disagree with the value, we can also perform a Real Estate Appraisal and assist you in filing a formal Application for Changed Assessment with the Clerk of the Board.

The up front cost for the informal assessment review form with a General Purpose Form 2055 (Non-Lender) Real Estate Appraisal is $ 350.00, easily offset by the hundreds to thousands you will save next year, and possibly for many years to come. Please call us for all the details.

Give us a call, and we can explain the all the program details. We will verify your current assessed value, latest tax rate, and also estimate the range of prevailing market values to provide an estimate of your expected savings.

You can also check out the Professional Appraisal Associates Proposition 8 Program FAQS for more detailed information about the Proposition 8 Tax Assessment Review process.